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    Welcome to the Martian’s House! Neenoo the Martian and her buddy, Rocket the Robot are eager to build Neenoo’s dream house, which is no ordinary house. They fill it with a big bouncy cloud, glow-in-the-dark hoverboards, a fancy dress-up trunk and more, until the house is complete. Or is it? Come along and let your imagination soar as you explore Neenoo’s world and create one of your own.



    The Martian’s House is a captivating picture book that engages children’s minds through creative participation and activity prompts. This storybook makes an ideal gift and is sure to become a well treasured keepsake. Find out what the child in your life is wishing for as you follow Neenoo into a house she created; a fantastic world that inspires us to create one of our own.


    30 pages, full colour illustrations
    suggested retail price $9.99/$2.99 e-book edition.



    The Martian’s House music video for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

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    Everyone loves The Martian’s House!

    Shanell Mouland is a teacher in Saint John, New Brunswick and was filling in for Mrs. Rockwood’s kindergarten class. She read The Martian’s House to the students and here is what she said…

    I worked on the book with the kindergarten students and it was a hit. They LOVED when the author was asking them a question. I printed the book in black and white and allowed them to colour the pages. They really felt like they were contributing to the publishing process.

    Here are some of the students answers to the questions in The Martian’s House. Their names are top from left, Evan, Hannah and Sanden. Bottom from left, Logan, Keira and Jayden.

    What are your five favorite things to have in a dress up box?

    Hanna:  Bat girl, dresses, jewels, shoes and a meat eating dinosaur!

    What kinds of animals would you have in your animal kingdom room?

    Sanden:  Dogs, hampsters and monkeys.

    Who would you call from your communications room? What would you talk about?

    Jayden:  A farmer and we would talk about the animals.

    What would you make in the magical art room?

    Keira:  A dance floor or zombies!

    What would you make your perfect bed out of?

    Evan:  A cloud.