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    “My passion is bringing smiles to children’s faces through the gift of music and engaging stories.”

     Learn more about Denisa & Katie Cutie
    Learn more about Denisa’s book, The Martian’s House
    Learn more about Denisa’s Katie Cutie CD 

     Denisa Senovsky, aka Katie Cutie

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    BINGO – Dog Song Nursery Rhyme

    BINGO (B-I-N-G-O) is a popular dog song and nursery rhyme. Learners of all ages, at home or in the classroom will love this fun and musical way to learn simple spelling, sequencing, and listening skills. The BINGO song involves spelling the name of a dog and replacing letters with hand claps through repetition. Simply remove one letter and replace it with a hand clap for each verse or follow along with Katie’s clap actions. Enjoy!

    Row Row Row Your Boat

    Old MacDonald Had A Farm

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Nursery Rhyme

    Alphabet Train – Learning Letters

    Funny Animal Song

    Animal Sounds Song

    Farm Animal Sounds Song – Driving My Tractor

    Fun Song for Children – The Sticker Song

    The Sticker song is a fun song for children that reminds us of how much we love scratch and sniff stickers.

    Cute Song for Children – Peek-A-Boo Song

    The Peek-A-Boo song is a cute song for children, toddlers, and babies where kids can have fun playing and putting the “boo” in peek-a-boo along with Katie.

    Fun Song for Children – Where’s the Monkey?

    Where’s the Monkey is a playful and fun song for children where kids and toddlers can participate in helping Katie spot the monkey. Can you see the monkey?

    Fun Song for Children – The Fish Song

    A fun song for children where kids and toddlers can swish like a fish along with Katie while using right, left, up and down hand movements.

    Kids Song – Animal Crackers

    The Animal Crackers kids song is a fun children’s song that reminds us of how much we love animal crackers!

    Numbers Song – Count to 10 with me!

    Kids can count to 10 along with Katie in this fun action and numbers song for children. Enjoy!

    Funny Song for Children – Monkey Faces

    Children and toddlers can have a silly and fun time making funny monkey faces along with Katie and her cute buddy, Boo, in this happy and funny Monkey Faces song.

    Cute Song

    Get ready to sing your la la la’s in this delightfully playful tune. “In the Park” is a fun activity song where children sing and dance along to a cheerful tune that reflects the joys of playing in the park.

    Dance Song

    Kids can dance along with Katie in this fun dance song for children.

    Dream Song

    Big and small kids alike can make a wish while enjoying this positively uplifting dream song. May all your wishes come true:)

    Choo Choo Train Song

    Kids, toddlers, and babies can chugga-chug and choo choo along with Katie in this fun train song.

    Animal Sounds Song

    Can you guess the animal sounds in this song? Toddlers and children can enjoy learning about real animal sounds this fun guessing game song.

    1 2 3 – jump up and scream for “ICE CREAM!

    Katie Cutie is now on Jango Radio! Have a listen, become a fan and join in the fun:)

    The Martian’s House reggae-groovy song contains positive and uplifting lyrics that will inspire you to keep reaching for your dreams. It’s a wonderful companion to the storybook and is one of twelve songs on the album, Are You Ready - enjoy.

    Everyone loves The Martian’s House!

    Shanell Mouland is a teacher in Saint John, New Brunswick and was filling in for Mrs. Rockwood’s kindergarten class. She read The Martian’s House to the students and here is what she said…

    I worked on the book with the kindergarten students and it was a hit. They LOVED when the author was asking them a question. I printed the book in black and white and allowed them to colour the pages. They really felt like they were contributing to the publishing process.

    Here are some of the students answers to the questions in The Martian’s House. Their names are top from left, Evan, Hannah and Sanden. Bottom from left, Logan, Keira and Jayden.

    What are your five favorite things to have in a dress up box?

    Hanna:  Bat girl, dresses, jewels, shoes and a meat eating dinosaur!

    What kinds of animals would you have in your animal kingdom room?

    Sanden:  Dogs, hampsters and monkeys.

    Who would you call from your communications room? What would you talk about?

    Jayden:  A farmer and we would talk about the animals.

    What would you make in the magical art room?

    Keira:  A dance floor or zombies!

    What would you make your perfect bed out of?

    Evan:  A cloud.


    The Martian’s House has received an extensive 5 star review from Jim Chambers, a Top Amazon Reviewer. A heartfelt thank-you to Jim for warmly embracing my book and sharing his positive insights with others.

    One picture book author’s experience with publishing in Kindle e-book format – Denisa Senovsky

    by Crystal Stranaghan


    Over the past couple of years, I have been pleased to be part of Denisa’s publishing journey. She has published her children’s picture book - The Martian’s House – in print format, and just recently has converted it to Kindle format as well. Because I often get people asking me what this process is like, I thought it might be helpful to have Denisa share her experience with the ebook publishing process in her own words at crystalstranaghan.com

    A snippet of my first book interview at liveyourdreamworkshops.com


    What was/is your dream or goal?
    My goal is to inspire, empower, and entertain children through my stories and songs. The Martian’s House story has allowed me to inspire children to utilize their imaginations and help guide them on the path to their dreams.
    What did/do you find most difficult about getting started?
    My initial concerns regarding the publishing process were very overwhelming. The key for me was to continue forging ahead regardless of how things appeared on the outside.
    What have you found most rewarding about going after your dream?
    There has been nothing more gratifying than making my dreams a reality and receiving praise for my work.




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